Quantum Homes Inc. REALTOR®/Agent/Builder Co-Op Guidelines

1. In order to ensure credit for sale, the REALTOR®/agent should accompany their client into the Quantum Homes, Inc. office and/or Quantum Homes, Inc. display home for registration. Telephone or fax registrations may be accepted, but it will be the REALTOR®/agent’s responsibility to follow up with the Quantum Homes, Inc. listing agent or builder/owner for full information. If the client is not with the REALTOR®/agent full registration information is still required. Full registration includes client’s First and Last name and the area they are searching in. Credit will stand unless the registered buyer is accompanied into our sales office by another REALTOR®/agent. Physical presence will take precedence over assumed client/buyer relationships. An introduction to the Quantum Homes, Inc. sellers agent or the builder/owner on duty is also required.

2. The Quantum Homes, Inc. sales associate will show the display homes or plans to assist the potential buyer and close the sale, if possible. The REALTOR® may assist in the process, but it is not required. If more than one visit is necessary to close the sale, the REALTOR® is not required to return with the client on subsequent visits. The agent must accompany the client in person at least once during the 90-day registration period.

3. If a sale is made, the Quantum Homes, Inc. will prepare all necessary applications, contract, plan approvals, lender forms, etc., involved and collect same for lenders approval. Quantum Homes staff will order title commitments and all necessary items to prepare for closing. REALTOR® must only prepare forms required by the broker’s office. Only Quantum Homes, Inc. construction and sales agreement documents are accepted in our sales environments.

4. Prior to completion of constructions, Quantum Homes, Inc. will notify home buyer, REALTOR®, and lender to set a closing date, arrange for title delivery, deed preparation, buyer inspection of property, etc. This should be received no less than 3 weeks prior to the estimated closing date.

5. Quantum Homes, Inc. will pay a total of 2.2% of the base price of the home (minus lot price if lot is not owned by Quantum Homes, Inc.), or as listed on the MLS (MLS supersedes), to the agent’s broker. Quantum Homes, Inc. will not pay commission on any overages and/or changes on the contract. (If sales price is reduced due to credit back to buyer for buyer supplied items, Quantum Homes, Inc. will not pay commission on the amount credited back to buyer).

6. Quantum Homes, Inc. will not pay more than one REALTOR® commission. Any conflict of commission will be submitted to the REALTOR Association of Southwestern Illinois for resolution, not to exceed 2.2% in total commissions.

7. This agreement is valid for 90 days from date of receipt.

Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in a reduced commission or forfeiture of commission. Content is subject to change without notice.